Elegant theming

Elegant theming

GNOS sober flat dark style is easy on your eyes

Assumed minimalism

Unified UI

Seamlessly dress GTK2 + GTK3 + Qt + KDE applications, even some Java apps.

In-depth theming

Theming GTK+ is generally not enough for a great UX.

Some  GNOS Apps have been in-depth tweeked to suit the theme.

Few others even implement  Dark mode to also darken content.

Distinguishable root

This can save lives, see  Root great again / Distinguishable root theme.

Gorgeous apps icons

All  GNOS Apps use the Numix Circle icon theme and are wisely classified in  Tidy AppFolders.

Customizable theme colors

To build your own colors-patched theme, read  gnos-theme-factory.