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Install DEB
Theming in-depth
Plugins many, see below
  1. Integrations
    1. env.d env loader
    2. Real-time markdown preview
  2. Features
  3. IDE features
    1. SublimeCodeIntel
    2. Enhancers
    3. Formatters
    4. Linters collection


env.d env loader

You can configure the env using scripts in ~/.config/sublime-text-3/env.d/. Used to enable nvm-powered node and rvm-powered ruby.

Real-time markdown preview

Supports GFM thanks to Kramdown and “Markmon real-time markdown preview”.


// System features
    "Open Folder",
    "Open in Nautilus",
    "Open URL",
    "Open in Relevant Window",
    "File History",
    "File Rename",

// Text features
    "Color Highlighter",

// Text formats
    "Advanced CSV",
    "Markmon real-time markdown preview",
    "Table Editor",
    "Pretty JSON",
    "Pretty YAML",

// Devel features
    "Function Name Display",

IDE features


Action Shortcut
Jump to definition Super+Click
Jump to definition Control+Super+Alt+Up
Go back Control+Super+Alt+Left
Manual Code Intelligence Control+Shift+space


Language Package
markdown Markmon real-time markdown preview
markdown MarkdownEditing
markdown Table Editor
csv Advanced CSV
ini INI
bin HexViewer
bash ShellScriptImproved
docker Dockerfile Syntax Highlighting
sass Sass


Language Package Dependencies
js JsFormat pip3 jsbeautifier
json Pretty JSON jq
yaml Pretty YAML pip3 pyaml
html HTML-CSS-JS Prettify nvm
xml Indent XML -
sql SqlBeautifier pip3 sqlparse

Linters collection

Language Package Dependencies
  SublimeLinter-annotations -
go SublimeLinter-contrib-golint gvm golint
go SublimeLinter-contrib-gotype gvm gotype
javascript SublimeLinter-contrib-eslint nvm eslint
css SublimeLinter-csslint nvm csslint
scss SublimeLinter-contrib-scss-lint rvm scss_lint
sql SublimeLinter-contrib-sqlint rvm sqlint
markdown SublimeLinter-contrib-mdl rvm mdl
ruby SublimeLinter-ruby rvm
php SublimeLinter-php php
python SublimeLinter-pylint pip3 pylint
html SublimeLinter-html-tidy tidy
json SublimeLinter-json -
yaml SublimeLinter-pyyaml pip3 pyaml
shell SublimeLinter-shellcheck shellcheck