Network services

Network services

Samba, NFS, SSH & VPN ready to go.

Note File & VPN servers are installed but masked by default, enable them in  Sandwich menu.


Check  Beloved SSH.

Enabled by default in  GNOS Core, but not in  GNOS Desktop OVA image


SoftEther software is leveraged by homegrown VPN Gate client:  gnos-vpngate.

Use vpncmd to setup the server password.

File servers

If you like, you can manage shares with ZFS:


sudo zfs create -o xattr=sa -o casesensitivity=mixed pool/data/srv
sudo zfs set sharesmb=on pool/data/srv
sudo zfs share pool/data/srv
sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME

NFS with ZFS

sudo zfs set sharenfs="rw=@" pool/data/srv
sudo zfs share pool/data/srv
# WORKAROUND: NFS daemon will not start unless there is an export
sudo mkdir /mnt/null
sudo tee -a /etc/exports <<<'/mnt/null localhost(ro)'

Samba tips