Software alternatives

Hi, I’m an Apple fanboy, what’s for me here ?

iTunes  Clementine,  TunesViewer
iMovie  OpenShot
Final Cut  Kdenlive
Photoshop  GIMP
Indesign  Inkscape
Logic  Ardour,  Audacity,  LMMS,  Mixxx
LastPass  KeePassXC
Netflix  Kodi with Exodus,  Popcorn Time
Spotify  Headset
Dropbox included:  Dropbox

Dear Sir, I am a Microsoft user, how do I corpoborate now ? BR.

CIFS Samba support, see  Network services
MS Office  WPS Office
MS Outlook  Evolution with Exchange support
MS Visio  LibreOffice Draw with VRT assets
Acrobat  Master PDF
Hamachi included:  Hamachi
RDP  Remmina
VmWare  Virtualbox
Skype included:  Skype
Synergy included:  Synergy
TeamViewer included:  TeamViewer

Hello, I’m an exhibitionist and I love GAFAM !

Google Chrome included:  Google Chrome
Google Drive  Rclone Browser supports them all
Google Earth included:  Google Earth
Google Maps  Maps (OpenStreetMap)
Google Sync GNOME,  Evolution,  Android
Messenger  Rambox supports them all

Hey! I’m a crypto nerd, do you support crypto ?

Full Disk Encryption  GNOS Core has  Full Disk Encryption
Device encryption  zuluCrypt
Folder encryption  Sirikali
Secure chat  Keybase,  Pidgin with OTR,  Signal
Secure call  Jami
Secure browsing  Tor Browser,  Tor XP,  Vpn browser
Secure networking  gSTM,  SftpMan, orjail,  gnos-vpngate
Secure payment  Electrum uses Bitcoins over Tor
Secure sharing  SparkleShare,  Syncthing,  MEGA Sync