Sandwich menu

Sandwich menu

Customizable service & features management

Use the panel’s sandwich menu or simply press Meta+M.

Easy to manage any systemd and dconf entities.

Powered by Quick Toggler.

  1. Toggle GUI features
  2. Control network services
  3. System features
  4. Control virtualization engines
  5. wallpapers

Toggle GUI features

Switch Description
caffeine Disable screen dimming
demo Highlight mouse cursor, on-screen keypresses
hotcorner Disable screen hot corners
light theme GTK theme switching
mouse focus Old-school X-focus-follow-mouse
mouse raise New-school obtrusive windows (no raise-on-click)
notifications Disable on-screen notifications
privacy Hide desktop icons, notifications and time
restart Gracefull Gnome Shell restart

Control network services

Toggle network services, may require password.

Switch Description
avahi Bonjour discovery
bluetooth Bluetooth stack
gsconnect Android sync
hamachi VPN on-demand
nfs NFS file-sharing
smb Samba file-sharing
ssh OpenSSH
teamviewer TeamViewer
tor Onion router
vnc Remote desktop
vpnclient SoftEther client
vpnserver SoftEther server
Wifi AP Hostapd router

System features

cups Printing support
osquery Inspection
packagekit Software backend
sanoid ZFS snaphosts
snapd Ubuntu snap packages
updates Ubuntu apt packages
apt-daily Ubuntu apt packages

Control virtualization engines

Toggle virtualization & container services, may require password.

Switch Description
docker Containers management
libvirt KVM & LXC API
lxc Linux containers
lxd LXC automation
microk8s Kubernetes
vbox OS virtualization