Intuitive keybindings

Intuitive keybindings

Did you know it could be so simple ?

  1. Base Apps keybindings
    1. Fast switching
    2. New
    3. Root
    4. Password Manager
    5. File Manager
    6. Terminal Emulator
  2. Window Manager
    1. Process control
    2. Application control
    3. Unobtrusive switcher
    4. Window manipulation
    5. WM control
    6. Locking
    7. Audio volume
  3. CLI

Base Apps keybindings

Fast switching

Action Shortcut
Switch to last Text Editor window Meta+E
Switch to last File Manager window Meta+F
Switch to last Terminal Emulator window Meta+T
Switch to last Web Browser window Meta+W


Action Shortcut
New Text Editor window Shift+Meta+E
New File Manager window Shift+Meta+F
New Terminal Emulator window Shift+Meta+T
New Web Browser window Shift+Meta+W


Action Shortcut
New root Text Editor window Ctrl+Meta+E
New root File Manager window Ctrl+Meta+F
New root Terminal Emulator window Ctrl+Meta+T
New Tor Browser window Ctrl+Meta+W

Password Manager

Action Shortcut
Switch to Password Manager (KeepassXC) Meta+P
Autotype password (KeepassXC) Alt+Meta+P

File Manager

Action Shortcut
Preview selected file (Gloobus) Space

Terminal Emulator

Action Shortcut
New root tab Alt+R
New bash tab Alt+B
New fish tab Alt+F
New zsh tab Alt+Z
New htop tab Alt+H
New lnav tab Alt+L
Switch tab Shift+Left/Right
Move tab Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right
Search Ctrl+Shift+F
Open File Manager Ctrl+Alt+F

Window Manager

Process control

Action Shortcut
Universal quit Meta+Q
Kill dialog: SIGHUP Meta+K
Kill direct: SIGHUP Alt+Meta+K
Kill dialog: SIGKILL Ctrl+Meta+K
Kill direct: SIGKILL Ctrl+Alt+Meta+K
Xkill selector Shift+Meta+K

Application control

Action Shortcut
Plotinus (supported GTK apps) Ctrl+Shift+P

Unobtrusive switcher

Action Shortcut
Launcher Meta+Space
Window switcher Shift+Meta+Space

Window manipulation

Action Shortcut
Maximise Meta+Up
Maximize vertically Alt+Meta+Up
Un-maximise Meta+Down
Snap left Meta+Left
Snap right Meta+Right
Hide Meta+H

WM control

Action Shortcut
Overview Meta
Applications Meta+A
Desktop Meta+D
Sandwich Menu Meta+M
Notifications Meta+N
Restart WM Ctrl+Meta+R


Action Shortcut
slock Meta+L
xtrlock Alt+Meta+L
xtrlock Desktop Ctrl+Meta+L
xtrlock Private Shift+Meta+L

Audio volume

Action Shortcut
Boost +10% Ctrl+Raise
Set 100% Ctrl+Mute
Set 50% Ctrl+Lower


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