Neat helpers

Neat helpers

Productive console helpers.


i: Info

Gathers various informations on files, binaries and launchers.

Powered by  gnos-sugar.

o: Open

xdg-open alternative. Run app launchers and open documents without polluting console.

Powered by  gnos-sugar.

e: Edit

Edit text files. Supports piping.

Calls  Sublime Text by default, slap remotely.

p: Print

less pager colored by bat.

z: Change directory

Fuzzy jump around for bash, zsh and fish.

Other helpers


A cat(1) clone with wings.


Environment switcher for bash, zsh, and fish.

root: Admin shell

Loads user’s bash config, including  Shiny prompt.

srv: FTP/HTTP/HTTPS server

See  gnos-serve.

sss: Show sockets

See  gnos-sockets.

strace-lnav: Colored strace

Also check strace-open.

Man: Colored manual in new tab

Comes with  Konsole.