GNOS Desktop OVA image

GNOS Desktop OVA image

Try GNOS Desktop full stack without installing it


1. Install Oracle VirtualBox

Download VirtualBox

2. Download Gnos OVA

Download OVA 17GB

3. Import & setup OVA into VirtualBox

By default 4096 MB of RAM are assigned, if you can you should assign more.

By default 2 CPU cores are assigned, if have more than 4 cores you may assign more.

On macs, host key conflicts with GNOS Meta, you should change it.

4. Launch Gnos VM

Default credentials are:

user: user
pass: test

You should change the password as soon as possible by running:


Default keyboard layout is PC105 US.

Use  Settings to select your “Input method”.

Also to configure console, run in terminal:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Default keyboard layout is UTC (Zulu).

Use  Settings to select your “Timezone”.

Also run in terminal:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

You may create a snapshot.


While the OVA specification is meant to define a cross-compatible virtual appliance format between VirtualBox and VmWare, in reality it is not straight forward, sadly.

To use the provided OVA appliance with VmWare products, please follow these instructions:


The image comes as a 25Gb virtual disk that you may enlarge to either use as swap space or grow the ZFS pool.

Grow ZFS pool

Setup swap space