Easy Markdown Revealizer. Show off your Markdown notes as reveal.js slides.


<!DOCTYPE html><script src="https://emr.gnos.in"></script>

That’s it, just check your slides with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome !


First and second level headers are used to split slides, example:

# Level 1 (horizontal) slide A0

- Bullet
- Bullet

## Level 2 (vertical) slide A1


- Bullet
- Bullet

## Level 2 (vertical) slide A2

- Bullet
- Bullet

# Level 1 (horizontal) slide B0



Configuration is done using emr.js script URL parameters.

EMR configuration

title HTML document title
fontSize Reveal.js CSS font size
cssTheme Reveal.js CSS theme URL or name (beige, black, blood, league, moon, night, serif, simple, sky, solarized, white)


<!DOCTYPE html><script src="https://emr.gnos.in?cssTheme=white&title=My%20title"></script>

Reveal.js configuration

See https://github.com/hakimel/reveal.js/#configuration, example:

<!DOCTYPE html><script src="https://emr.gnos.in?transition=fade"></script>

Offline use

Easy Markdown Revealizer can be used offline, extract archive in your document directory and point the script url to emr.js/emr.js.

Download EMR 1.8MB