About GNOS

About GNOS

Why GNOS ? Project history and numbers

Project goals

 GNOS Core is a simple way to get ZFS and/or FDE with a minimal Ubuntu base.

 GNOS CLI is a supercharged command-line environment.

 GNOS GUI leverages the GNOME user-experience with enhanced usability & uniform dark theming.

 GNOS Apps provides a comprehensive & curated Linux desktop software collection.

Project history

The project started in 2014 as an alternative Ubuntu installer featuring native ZFS filesystem and full-disk-encryption support.

Then in 2015, tired by the old Linux “Year of the Desktop” meme, I wanted to build a minimal dark-themed GNOME Desktop for Ubuntu.

In 2016, I shifted the project as a devel-oriented workstation.

Finally, in 2017, I raised the scope to a general Linux desktop experience.

Since 2018, the project has received numerous bug fixes and polishing from beta-testers.

Project numbers

Average numbers at time of writing.


150 Graphical apps bundled
500 Config files written
150 Files downloaded
70 APT sources


2700 APT packages
50 Sublime Text packages
30 Firefox addons
20 Gnome Shell extensions
10 Virt/sandboxing technologies
10 Theming technologies


40000 Lines of code
175 Website pages
17 Sub-projects
10000 Work hours
1 Author
0 Donations raised